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Coaching Services

Yazar Consultancy offers a range of coaching services tailored for the needs of specific individuals. Although this is how we classify our coaching services, the focus of the coaching may change depending on the needs and targets of the client in the long run. In this regard, there is only one single service we provide that is coaching. However, you may want to start your coaching initially focused on your academic life or your career and business life. All coaching services include consultancy and advise for getting better in your academic life, professional career and your daily life.

Our Academic coaching service is mainly for students and academicians who needs help and support in their studies or researches.

Our Career coaching service is mainly for professionals and students who are concerned about their careers and work life.

Our Life coaching service is for everyone who need some help in setting targets in life, someone who checks whether you are on track and focused or someone who keeps you motivated and organised as you go through busy times.

If you are recently moving to the UK or Turkey, you may also want to consider Cultural consultancy service which can help you find solutions for a better cultural experience when you are going or moving abroad.

Student Care Services

We offer student care services for students who are already in the UK or who are preparing to study in the UK. Our services aim to make your life safer and easier during your studies in the UK.

Our services are obtainable directly from us, or through your education agency. If your education agency does not work with us, we can contact them for making suitable arrangements.

You can benefit from using our monthly subscription package: Basic Student Care Service Package or you can check our Student Care Services List for individual services.

Corporate Services

For Language Schools in the UK, we offer Education and Sectoral Consultancy on the Turkish Market. This service can help you in:

  • Increasing the number of Turkish students,
  • Having a better insight on the Turkish student market and developing more realistic strategies,
  • Reduced the costs of trial and error especially in establishing relations with language fairs and education agencies in Turkey,
  • Discovering high quality and trustable agencies,
  • Having a better communication and a closer and smoother relation with Turkish agencies,
  • Having a better and closer relation with Turkish student, thereby increasing their satisfaction from the school,
  • Having an extra staff ready to support your marketing operations at busiest times

For Agencies outside the UK, we offer the following services:

  1. Consultancy Services for Agencies New to the UK
  1. Support and Training Services for Agencies and their Employees
  1. Student Care Services for Agencies

CET Services

We also offer professional copywriting, editorial, translation, interpretation, transcription, trans-creation services to individuals and businesses.

Editorial, Typing, Proof-Reading and Transcription Services

✓ We offer transcription and typing services for dictations, sound recordings or videos in English and Turkish.

✓ We also offer writing, copy-writing and proof-reading services in English and Turkish.

It is also possible to make arrangements for other languages.

Please inquire us for more information and rates for our services.

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Translation and Interpretation Services

✓  We offer translation services between English and all commonly spoken languages. However, we offer the best rates for translations between English and Turkish.

✓  We offer interpretation and simultaneous translation services from English to Turkish and from Turkish to English. You can use our services in London, personally, or anywhere you need through skype.

Rates for External Translations

Our rates for non-technical translations start from £0.06 per word from English to Turkish and Turkish to English. For technical, business, academic and legal translations we charge £0.09 per word.

We are able to deliver the work in any format you need.

Please do not hesitate to inquire us for more information about our services.

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Trans-Creation Services and Marketing Package

✓ We offer trans-creation services in English and Turkish for businesses targeting the international market, British market and/or the Turkish market.

✓ We also offer advice and support for start-ups in preparing their own marketing plans and materials.

If you need help with reaching customers in Turkey or Britain, we can support you by preparing marketing materials that can reach out to the local customers in Turkey and the UK with their respective local languages and understandings.

We help you in accessing the National and International Markets by reaching your local customers in the most natural way.

Please inquire us for more information and rates of our marketing services.

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About Us

Yazar Consultancy & Batuhan Yazar

Yazar Consultancy was established in England in 2013 by Batuhan Yazar. Batuhan Yazar studied Law in the University of Warwick and International Relations in TOBB Economics and Technology University. During his studies, Batuhan has gained various experiences in Canada, Belgium and the Great Britain and dedicated his experience and success to other individuals and businesses to help them become globally competitive in their fields through Yazar Consultancy.

Our Services include:

  • Providing Academic Coaching for students and academicians,
  • Providing Cultural Coaching, Career Coaching and Life Coaching for professionals
  • Providing Student Care Services for individual and agency students
  • Establishing Relations with Language Schools and Summer Camps in the UK on behalf of Agencies
  • Advising Education Agencies for maintaining relations with Language Schools and Summer Camps in the UK
  • Translation, Interpretation, Transcription and Trans-Creation Services between English and Turkish,
  • Translation services between any other languages
  • Editorial and Writing services…

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