Agency Services

Working as an international education consultancy is a very complex job as clients are in one country and the service providers are in another. This requires agencies to have at least a certain level of existence in the country of the education providers. Nonetheless, opening an office abroad can be very costly and inefficient for most education agencies, let alone following up the students, language schools and developments in the education sector in the UK.

In this regard, we provide solutions to international education agencies for their operations in the UK.

Our services can be briefly summarised as:

  • Establishing Relations with Language Schools and Summer Camps in the UK on behalf of Agencies
  • Advising Education Agencies and their employees in their daily activities, providing information on life and education in the UK, and  advising education agencies in maintaining agency relations with Language Schools and Summer Camps in the UK
  • Providing Student Care Services for agencies and their students.


We offer three main services to agencies:

  1. Consultancy Services for Agencies New to the UK
  1. Support and Training Services for Agencies and their Employees
  1. Student Care Services for Agencies