Coaching Services

Yazar Consultancy offers a range of coaching services tailored for the needs of specific individuals. Although this is how we classify our coaching services, the focus of the coaching may change depending on the needs and targets of the client in the long run. In this regard, there is only one single service we provide that is coaching. However, you may want to start your coaching initially focused on your academic life or your career and business life. All coaching services include consultancy and advise for getting better in your academic life, professional career and your daily life.

Our Academic coaching service is mainly for students and academicians who needs help and support in their studies or researches.

Our Career coaching service is mainly for professionals and students who are concerned about their careers and work life.

Our Life coaching service is for everyone who need some help in setting targets in life, someone who checks whether you are on track and focused or someone who keeps you motivated and organised as you go through busy times.

If you are recently moving to the UK or Turkey, you may also want to consider Cultural consultancy service which can help you find solutions for a better cultural experience when you are going or moving abroad.