Introduction to London Package

Introduction to London package is the service we suggest for self-employed education agents and new international education agents

This package provides you with a general insight on language schools in the London and an in-depth insight on 5 language schools, located in London (Zone 1-4), that is most relevant to your business.

Details of the service are as follows:

✓ Consulting education agencies on choosing which language schools to work with, depending on their customer profiles and needs.

✓Contacting the language schools by email, by phone and in person on your behalf.

✓ Visiting up to 5 language schools in London Zone 1-4 on behalf of the agency.

☞ Taking high quality pictures and videos from each language school, freely usable on your webpage or materials

‣ Providing 10-20 unique and high quality photos during each visit*

‣ Shooting a video of the facilities of each language school (3-10 minutes depending on the school size)*

✓ Interviewing a teacher or an officer of each language schools for up to 2 minutes on your concerns with your questions.

☞(Transcriptions and translations of the interviews in all languages are also available as an extra.  Please see our Other Services or Contact Us for more information and special rates.)

✓ Providing an evaluation report of each school visited.

☞(Translation to all languages are also available as an extra. Please see: Translation and Interpretation Services or Contact Us for more information and special rates.)

✓ Preparing a written review/advertisement of each school visited (from 150 to 600 words)

Introduction to London Package is now £500 £250 for a short time.

Price does not include any transfer charges.


*Some language schools may not allow photo shooting or video recording of their premises or students. However, it is usually possible to make alternative arrangements, like receiving pictures directly from the institutions.

Procedure of the Service

  1. Payment or payment proof received
  2. Interview with the education agency (Within 5 business days)
    • Introductions and summary of the service
    • Understanding the company philosophy of the education agency
    • Understanding the target customers and customer profiles of the education agency
    • Understanding any special requests or plans of the education agency
  3. Consulting the education agency on suitable language schools and possible collaborations (within 2-5 business days)
    • Providing a list of 10 language schools that is suitable for the agency’s needs
    • Evaluating and discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each language school in the list
    • Advising the agency on which 5 language school to choose as main targets
    • Noting questions to be asked to language schools in interviews and in ordinary communications
  4. Contacting target language schools on behalf of the education agency, arranging appointments for visits.
  5. Visiting target language schools on behalf of the education agency (within 5-10 business days for Language schools in London Zone 1-4)
    • Providing the standard evaluation report of each language school (our standard inspection form)
    • Providing a written review/advertisement of each school visited (from 150-600 words)
    • Providing the photos, videos and interviews
    • Providing all written communication regarding the agency, and answering the questions and concerns of the agency
  6. Keeping in touch with language schools on behalf of the agency until receiving oral or written agency contracts.


☞ If a language school or the summer camp refused the agency application then we provide reports for other language schools that are not visited in the list until receiving at least 3 contracts for the agency.

☞ Unfortunately, we cannot give any guarantee as to the commission rates and terms of the contract. However, we can advise you on the reasonable terms and commission rates and we can always negotiate for better terms and rates for you.