Services for Language Schools

Education and Sectoral Consultancy on the Turkish Market for Language Schools

This service mainly involves:

  • Researching high quality and trustable agencies in Turkey to work together,
  • Representing and marketing the language school to the prospective Turkish students,
  • Coordinating and finding solutions to the problems of Turkish students of the language school,
  • Providing Turkish language support to the language school both for their marketing materials and communications with agencies and students,
  • Reporting all activities to the language school strictly,
  • Signing a non-disclosure agreement to protect the commercial information of the language school,
  • Visiting the language school regularly, possible to work from the language school in a number of days,
  • Contacting Turkish authorities or other Turkish businesses for advancing marketing activities like arranging and taking place in education fairs,
  • Possibility to deal with students outside the office hours,
  • Supporting your marketing activities in the Turkish market, and in other markets…

What this service does not include:

  • Visiting students regularly at their location, such as their homestays or hostels (can be arranged as an extra)
  • Making abroad visits representing the language schools (can be arranged depending on availability as an extra service)

Targets and Benefits of our services

  • Increasing the number of Turkish students,
  • Having a better insight on the Turkish student market and developing more realistic strategies,
  • Reduced the costs of trial and error especially in establishing relations with language fairs and education agencies in Turkey,
  • Discovering high quality and trustable agencies,
  • Having a better communication and a closer and smoother relation with Turkish agencies,
  • Having a better and closer relation with Turkish student, thereby increasing their satisfaction from the school,
  • Having an extra staff ready to support your marketing operations at busiest times


For receiving a quote and discussing cooperation opportunities further, please do not hesitate to contact us.