Support and Training Services for Agencies and their Employees

This is a service for agencies that needs a contact point in the UK both for their students and for their business. This service is offered as a monthly or quarterly or annually subscriptions.

This Service includes unlimited phone calls to our consultancy by the management or employees of education agencies for any questions or small researches. We will support your management and staff in issues that require expertise in education in the UK or presence in the UK.

This service includes:

  • Unlimited information on education in the UK
  • Unlimited information on life in the UK
  • Unlimited phone calls by the management or employees of education agencies
  • Answers to your management’s, employees’ and your students’ questions
  • 45-60 Minutes online staff training and refresher training each month (online or video record),
  • Contacting language schools on behalf of the agency,
  • Mediation of conflicts between the language school and the agency…

For more information on the service, fees, terms and conditions, please Contact Us

For a short time only for £200 per month

This service is delivered through email, skype (messaging and calls), and by telephone as well. We aim to cause no extra costs for the agencies and we offer free calls to landline numbers upon receiving a support request.

Following services can be arranged as an extra:

  • On-site staff training
  • Longer staff training sessions